FicmsTM - Feature Rich & powerful

Enterprise-level, secure, robust, and best of all, easy to use. Websites can be built with a variety of tools and in languages, and in the hands of a professional can all do similar things for the most part in the broad sense. But the tools that are used to build a site, and the underlying platform it is built on should ultimately depend on who the site is being built for. 

Sure a website for a corporation with internal programmers or deep pockets can be built and maintained in a system that only professional programmers and designers can use and figure out, but about for a small business owner? For them these complicated platforms mean a more expensive build, and high hourly rates to keep a site maintained... That's where FICMSTM comes in to play. 

As one of the world's easiest content management systems to use, it puts the power of site management in both the hands of the professionals, while also providing easy-to-use, front-end editing tools so even the novice website owner can make changes when they need to.  

CASE STUDY: How FICMSTM Can Be Deployed For Your Agency.

The Benefits

  • Agency Whitelabeling
  • Volume Licensing Options
  • Continuous & On-going System Updates
  • Free Functionality Upgrades
  • Closed and Secure Code
  • Enterprise E-commerce Enabled
  • Dozens of Custom Add-ons
  • Online Support Wiki
  • Frontend Editing Tools
  • Built-in CSS Design Editor

Agency Licensing Demo

To learn more about FICMSTM licensing for your agency, and to schedule a system demonstration complete the form below.